Steel, Wood + Data Cables

For an upcoming workplace project outside of RDU airport, Pliskin Architecture has teamed up with Bull City Designs (BCD) to develop several custom pieces that will anchor the fit-out of the offices.

The signature piece will be the focal point of the employee break room, visible from most corners of the office, and allowing over 20 people to converge at the same time. Made of raw steel and barely finished ash wood, the table’s unique shape allows for groups of different sizes to congregate for breakfast, lunch, or beer.

A large conference table, pictured above in BCD’s shop, will span 18′ and is structured from an 80 year-old truss from an old water tower in Durham.

The table surface is made of solid heartpine wood, and has raw steel accents, and it will be fully wired to allow for different types of uses, presentations, and training to occur.

For the reception desk, a plywood carcass is wrapped with unfinished steel and 2,500 linear feet of cat6 data cabling, giving the office a pop of color when entering, and making the support engineers on site feel at home.

Fun with Normals

Here’s a look at some of the fun we’ve been having misusing a few of the render channels you can get out of V-Ray. The render ID channel gives you unique colors for each discrete¬†object, while the normals channel colors objects based on orientation. A bit of overlay photoshop blending, and you end up with some pretty fun images.

15_0827_LOBBY OPT3E V5-Composite


For this last image, we decided to get really psychedelic-tropical and animate it. Its always interesting to find different ways to use the representational techniques at our disposal and play around with our tools every once in a while to test if we can get something different out of them.