Private Residence, Herzliya, Israel

Previous work with Ilan Pivko Architects
Completed, 2007.

A contrast of simple geometries and lush interior furnishings give this summer home a special feel – each space is set against a neutral white backdrop, allowing each to assume a life of its own. The open ground floor revolves around a 3-story wood stair, composed of highly-figured oak planks, set within a sky-lit shaft. Special attention to detail, material selection, lighting and connection to an intimate back yard allow spaces to assume various roles throughout the day.

The 700 sqm house was completed in 2007 and features a 3.5m tall living room, a wood burning fireplace made of blackened steel, a dark colored underground movie lair, and a hand crafted Murano glass chandelier.

Photos: Kfir Peled, Nadav Ever, Barak Pliskin