Ongoing Renovations at Manhattan Park, New York, NY

Collaboration with K&Co
Ongoing, 2014-present.

The renovations at Manhattan Park are an ongoing, multi-year, capital improvement of an 8.5 acre waterfront rental community located on Roosevelt Island in New York City. The renovations, lead by K&Co, local design outfit based in lower Manhattan, include upgrades to apartments, public spaces, lobbies, and shared amenities across the four buildings. With renovations complete on model hallways and apartments, the focus turns to upgrading the lobbies to meet an elevated design standard that aims to reposition this rental campus in an already heated residential market. The lobbies are accentuated with natural materials, a warm and sleek palette, and a series of amenities that allow residents to better engage with one another.

The ongoing renovations also include summer art installations by artists from across the US, with featured work by HOT TEA in the summer of 2015, and by Andrew Faris in 2016. The 8,000sf immersive murals complement a the colorful design for the pool and its furnishings offered by K&Co and Pliskin Architecture, and offer residents and visitors a playful atmosphere that invigorates the surrounding public spaces.

Renderings: Micah McKelvey
Photos: Tim Williams